Heckler Frame for Surface Pro.H404

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SKU: H404
The WindFall Frame has a slim, refined esthetic combined with an impressive industrial design touch screen display frame system that is custom fitted to mount the Windows Surface Pro to any wall.

Windows. On a wall.

What a concept! WindFall Frame for Surface Pro's slim, refined esthetic combined with Surface Pro's impressive industrial design means you can securely place the full power of Windows on any wall, any scenario, and in any decor. Think of the possibilities.

Sleek And Secure

Whether you use it as a catalog, office directory, or wireless jukebox, you can rest assured knowing your Surface Pro 3 & 4 isn't going anywhere. Our patent-pending, heavy steel brackets closely envelops your tablet.

We've even capped off our stainless steel hardware for a premium aesthetic from all angles.

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